Just when…

…I thought I wasn’t going to indulge in a new social media…

I’m hoping this will be a more expedient means of funneling my creativity out into the ether, without the tawdry cat-humor quality of Facebook, the lurking specter of one-click-away pornography on Tumblr, or the ridiculous forced-brevity of Twitter.

Or maybe I should just start sending postcards.

Look for select short writings in the future- maybe a few updates on the life and times of a struggling screenwriter/filmmaker in the literary black hole that is Los Angeles, where storytelling is the cheapest of commodities, and we try to stay afloat as we drift amidst the sharky waters of ‘the biz’, which are always waiting to drown hopes and devour aspirations with rows of razor-toothed fury.

That’s all I got for now. More soon.